Why Yildirimlar?

Because our values match our high standards.


To allow for consistent innovative solutions, we strive to anticipate our customers needs, and expectations so we can produce appropriate solutions that put us ahead of our market competitors.

Pioneering and Competitive Team Spirit

Taking risks to grow and become far-reaching, with the strength we have achieved by combining courage, initiative and team spirit.


Setting high standards for ourselves every day, both individually and as a team, in order to keep our performance at the highest level and achieve the best service quality.


To show dignified regard and respect to all genders, cultures, religions and races in a reputable manner both internally and externally.


Creating an atmosphere within our relationships that emanates assurance and certainty.


To have the ability to act in accordance with the conditions in the economic and legal environment that is continually transforming into a more complex and prescriptive structure every day. While having genuine relationships with our stakeholders, sincerity and transparency are the foundations which we've built our domestic and international business upon.

About Us

Yildirimlar Holding has become a driving force in numerous domestic sectors, showing a great degree of core competency which allows it to thrive in an aggressive investment market. Now the company is taking its steps to reach a wider international market; expanding its diverse portfolio through an innovative, solution based strategy.

Substantial investments in numerous sectors since the origination of Yildirimlar Holding A.Ş.

Established in 2011, Yildirimlar Holding A.Ş, has risen to providence and proven that it has the capability to be a prominent domestic and international investment firm.

Having worked with a great many companies, Yildirimlar Holding A.Ş, has accomplished solid partnerships and established lasting relationships all over Turkey and abroad.