Our History

Mahmut Yildirim says; “Our formation is the point we have reached at the end of 25 years of struggle and determination. We fought not to win this point, but to deserve it and move it forward. We created a tunnel and the light visible at the end of this tunnel gave us the determination to carry Yıldırımlar Holding forward with all its components under its roof. The global crisis has deeply affected our country as well as all countries of the world. However, I see that the economic recovery in 2018 will be faster and more efficient than in 2019. Considering the efforts and struggle of our country in the recovery process, we have made it our duty to fulfill our duty properly and contribute to our society. We created our investment plans in line with the needs of our people. Our ÇAYIRYOLU Complex in Bayburt is an investment that will meet all economic and social needs from A to Z. I would like to thank all of our friends and colleagues who did not leave us alone on the road we set out during our work and protect our values.”